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Leave mediocrity to someone else. You are headed for greatness.

For the coach who questions: How can I have an online presence that reflects my actual personality?

For the therapist who wonders: Therapists are a dime a dozen; what will make clients choose me?

And for everyone else who asks: Is being different from the competition the only thing I can do to get ahead?

Read on.

Being a success in business isn’t about being different, or unique. It’s about defining your story, and using your words to write in a way that reflects the values of both you and your client.

And it’s all very possible.

It’s possible for you to ignore the tactics and methods of everyone else and build a business on your terms.

It’s possible for you to use words alone to infuse aspects of your personality into your business to attract the clients that you most wish to work with.

And the other thing that’s possible? Is for you to sit back in your chair, loosen your belt buckle and breathe. There’s always time for wine.

So stop being dull.

Refuse to be boring.

Reject the same mundane, clichéd words that everyone else in your niche writes (‘inspiring’, ‘tips’, ‘newsletter’ – bbaaahhhh!). That stuff’s for amateurs.

And instead ….

Start writing with personality – your personality.

Cultivate your words to demonstrate exactly why your clients need to work with you.

Engineer every syllable on your site to reflect the true value of what you provide.

Because you can’t speak to everyone at once. But your website can.


What to do now:

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Razwana is essentially a mind-reader who will channel your thoughts and capture your spirit and put it into words. I struggled for months to try to write copy which she produced almost overnight. -Vishnu
An hour with Raz was enough to help me understand my ideal client on a whole new level. What finally came out in the copywriting gave me goosebumps. It’s giving my new clients goosebumps too. I got two new ideal clients in one day!!
-Jessica Sweet
Razwana Wahid rocks. My tagline: ‘better blog photos’. Her version: ‘1 photo closer to internet domination.’ Need a copywriter? Hire her.
-Emma Davies